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The ladies of Roux La La love everything about Halloween in New Orleans.

First on the agenda is Booty Shakin’.

As a New Orleans female marching group, we get to represent in not one, but 2… count ‘em 2… New Orleans Halloween parades, Anba Dlo  and Krewe of Boo. We love it when our fans seek this New Orleans dance troupe during the parade and know to ask for our homemade spoon throws!

Speaking of spoons, here is a preview of some for Krewe of Boo:

Boux La La

We’re a crafty lot, and Halloween just screams out for the inner artist in everyone.

Next, we’re all about Swamp Steppin’…

The ladies of Roux La La get to dress spooky and masquerade as all manner of VooDoo characters this time of year. We even had a Roux Doux Halloween fundraiser a couple of years ago where we showed off some of our moves outside the parade circuit.

Last but not least, it’s a great time of year for some Pot Stirrin’ and Booze Guzzlin’…

Halloween signals the start of fall for Roux La La in New Orleans, and we’re fans of all the flavors of fall from pumpkin-spiced everything to Halloween-themed cocktails. Here are some Halloween-themed drinks and recipes for a spooktacular night:

1. Make yourself a “Green Goblin” or grab a bottle of “Carnivor” Cabernet Sauvignon.
2. Make some “Pumpkin Fluff” for snacking so you’re not tempted by the candy bowl.
3. Get dolled up in some spooky garb so you can turn off the lights and hit the town when the candy’s all gone!

Happy Halloween, y’all!!!!

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